Photo by Dylan Vaughan


Since graduating from a degree in woven textile design over twenty years ago, I have gradually carved a portfolio career that spans textile design, product development, creative consultancy and curation, from my London base.

Having started my career weaving as an artist in residence, later working in the textile industry (in both the fashion and interiors sectors), and as a product developer for luxury brands Burberry and Halcyon Days, I have developed a strong and diverse transferable skill set that enables me to work in varied and fascinating areas of creative practice and development.

I have built relationships with many arts institutions and businesses in the UK and overseas including Ruthin Craft Centre - The Centre for the Applied Arts; Crafts Council; Cockpits Arts, London; Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh; Nuno, Japan; Idée, Japan; The Goldsmiths’ Company, London; The Goldsmiths’ Centre, London and the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland.

I am happy to discuss opportunities in curation, textile design, product development and creative consultancy and can travel nationally or internationally.