Exhibition Consultation, Design & Production

This is a natural component of my work as a curator, but I also work on many other exhibitions and particular details of layout and display. I have worked with various clients including Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales; The Goldsmiths’ Company, London; Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh; Contemporary Applied Arts, London and The Goldsmiths' Centre, London.

Consultation, Design & Production to date:

Enamel I Substrate - John Grayson, Vittoria St. Gallery, Birmingham; Ruthin;
Wolverhampton Gallery 2019
Nexus - Meetings At The Edge,
Fife Contemporary (Ruthin showing) 2018
With Other Eyes,
Ruthin 2018
Walk the Line - Forest and Found,
Ruthin 2018
Andrew Logan - Cornucopia, Ruthin 2018
Nexus - Meetings At The Edge,
Fife Contemporary (Kirkcaldy) 2018
Made for the Table,
The Goldsmiths' Company 2017-19 (touring)
Jewellery - Wearable Glass, Ruthin 2017
Ruthin 2017
Newfoundland, Ruthin 2017
Simone ten Hompel 2017
Bob Crooks, Ruthin 2016
David Jones, Ruthin 2016
Jerwood Makers Open, Ruthin 2015/16
Fritz Maierhofer, Ruthin 2015
Simon Carroll, Ruthin (in collaboration with the V&A) 2015
Jerwood Makers Open, Ruthin 2014
David & Margaret Frith, Ruthin 2013
Ruthin Craft Centre at Collect 2013, Saatchi Gallery, London 2013
Mary Lloyd Jones, Ruthin 2013
The Wonderful World of Rodney Peppé, Ruthin 2013
Carving Our Space, Ruthin 2013
Japanese Style: Sustaining Design - Nuno Textiles, Ruthin 2012
Jacqueline Mina, Ruthin 2012
Jilly Edwards, Ruthin 2011
Silverstruck, Ruthin 2011
Anni Albers, Ruthin 2010/11
Kevin Coates, Ruthin 2009
Ruth Duckwrth, Ruthin 2009